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How can HypnoBump training and self-hypnosis techniques help me during pregnancy and childbirth?

No matter who you are or what type of birth you’re planning, self-hypnosis techniques can help you to access your focused state of flow intentionally - allowing you to remain calm, relaxed and positive throughout pregnancy and childbirth - whatever form that might take. 

Even though you may not be consciously aware of it, the link between your mind and your body is a strong and powerful one.  Things you’ve heard, read or experienced may have generated fears and anxieties connected with birthing your baby.  Left to subconsciously fester, negative feelings can alter the hormone balance in your body, triggering the unnecessary release of excess adrenaline and preparing your body to RUN rather than to give birth!  Dr. Grantley Dick-Read referred to this as the fear - tension - pain cycle.  HypnoBump training will give you the opportunity to deal with and/or let go of your fears so that you’re free to stay calm, relaxed and positive whilst birthing your baby.

HypnoBump training explains how your body works on a physiological as well as a hormonal level during pregnancy, labour and childbirth, which enables you to understand the sensations you’re feeling at any point in time.  This awareness, in turn, promotes the confidence you need to work with your body and to trust in your own innate abilities. 


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